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Counselling using tactile therapy -  Implementing our 5 senses of touch, sight, taste, sound and smell.



Benefits to the client - tactile therapy can improve wellbeing and mindfulness regaining focus by our senses, reaching out not just by thoughts, but by image and sounds also. This  bringing good memories of the mind to the forefront, calming thoughts and supporting your counselling.

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Researching and developing therapy using tactile objects
- This is of great interest to us, we believe that in the counselling environment it will compliment therapy, not only as having a distraction object but also as a keepsake.  No other counselling service offers this.

Of course, you don't have to have counselling to use our tactile object. But, for a 3D scanned image and print out, you will have to come for a consultation (if scanning your image is what you require), then a 3D image will be produced at a small cost. This image can be kept on file and reprinted if lost or multiple printout required.

Individual 3D Printing:

How do we do this - we 3D scan a person and 3D print the image from our office. However,  we can come to you if feasible. This take 20 mins to scan and about an hour to print a pocket sized 3D image model.


What is “Daddy in the pocket” (this can be any member of family “in your pocket”) - A 3D printed tactile object of a 3D scanned photo image of person (a family member, such as mum or dad or granny, sister etc). This works especially well with a child (or young person)  that misses a family member, for example from loss or divorce.

They could keep the object in their pocket, it sits neatly in a hand, it can be taken out as a  reminder (if this was suitable, depending on the situation of course).  This works as a visual and tactile aid which can be calming and supporting the counselling.

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Promotional materials - We can also help with promotion 3D printed materials, please ask via email for anything that we could possible help with.

Bring 2D design images to 3D virtual life like photos/video imaging  for pre sale research.