Client Testimonial


Where do I begin?

I first met Bianca back when in twenty thirteen when I was only twenty.

I was desperate and in need of serious help. I felt that the system was failing me and I had
nowhere to turn. I was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and was
very frightened and alone. I had never heard of such a disorder and really didn't believe
anyone would ever understand me or help as I was a broken person. But here I was, at the
door of a counselling service. This was a huge gamble and leap of faith on my behalf. I
walked in sat down and could barely make eye contact. I looked up, nervously, who did I
see? A wonderful, friendly, welcoming face. It was Bianca! Her smile made me relax and
feel at ease. She introduced herself and I listened, she waited for me to start talking. I
wasn't afraid, I felt confident for the first time in a long time that someone was ready to
help and listen. This is how we began our journey.

Her whole approach to counselling was a breath of fresh air! It was so freeing and unique
too. She was willing to try any technique, any method and anything that would embrace
who I was as an individual. I am a creative soul and I explained this to her. Immediately she
would start each session with something new and exciting. She drew from all areas of her
knowledge, she would present me with interesting and challenging tasks. We created a
whole book together, each page was an in depth exploration of my feelings, emotions and
life journeys. Each time I threw a new challenge at her she took it in her stride. She
listened and absorbed everything I said and created counselling sessions around each
step of my personal journey. I truly felt that she was the only one in the world who was
prepared to listen and help me. I would always look forward to my next session. Bianca
was always open, honest and prepared to help me in anyway appropriate. Things went
from strength to strength and the techniques she taught me helped me face day to day life
with a new found enthusiasm.

I decided to for personal reasons take a break. It was a very long break of around five
years. I contacted the counselling service in hopes I would be able to find Bianca once
again. I felt yet again, she was the perfect match for my journey. This was because to me,
Bianca left a very powerful mark in my heart, she showed commitment and the willingness
to do whatever it would take to help me, within reason that is, when it felt like no one else
would even look at me. I have always felt that her techniques and compassion for helping
others stood out amongst the rest.

I would highly recommend Bianca to anyone in need of help or to anyone who is searching
for that someone to listen. She has left such an impact on my life, that she has helped me
become the strong warrior that I am today!

Thank you to Bianca for everything you have done for me and continue to do.