Are you a carer?

Bee-Released Social Enterprise – Counselling for Carers:

  • Almost three quarters (72%) of carers in the UK said they had suffered mental ill health as a result of caring, while well over half (61%) said their physical health had worsened.
  • Unless more support is provided,national charities are warning that the UK’s carers won’t be healthy enough to care for loved ones in the future.
  • Carers worry about coping in the future
  • The research shows:
  • Over half of carers in the UK said they expect their physical (58%) and mental (57%) health and well-being to get worse in the next two years.
  • Two in five (43%) carers said that they expect to be able to provide less care or no care in the future because of poor physical health. One third of carers (35%) felt that poor mental health would mean they will be able to provide less or no care in the future.
  • Older people, especially those over 75 years old, were most likely to say they expected to be able to provide less or no care in the future because of poor physical health (54% of over 65s and 59% of over 75s)

Main stressors for carers:

  • Carers were most likely to say that the impact of stress and anxiety on their own health was their main worry about the impact of caring on their own health and wellbeing.
  • Carers named the main stressors contributing most to their stress and anxiety as not getting enough sleep, providing hands on care for the person they care for, and managing financially.
  • If you are a Carer, Bee-Released Counselling offers a service for you!
  • This empathic and non-judgemental counselling service is available now. The initial consultation is free, sessions after that are £10 per session, or what is affordable (‘Bee-Released Counselling for Carers’ is a Social Enterprise and Non-Profit organisation).
  • We have a team of Counsellors that are able to support you through your difficult times.
  • Please contact for more information: Bee-Released Counselling for Carers, based at Community First in Fareham (07584 675104). Working in collaboration with other services for Carers.
  • Please don’t hesitate, we are a service here for you and ready for you when things have become overwhelming and difficult to cope with.
  • Issues: Loss, Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Isolation, Fatigue, Frustration.